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 I want to tell you something a little personal... about a time in my life that felt like the walls were caving in on me… something you might relate to. 

After my second daughter... 


I wanted to lose weight... 


I wanted to look better for my husband... 


I wanted to look at myself and not hate what I see... 


But I just felt overwhelmed and didn't know how to start. 


One time, I overheard some co-workers making fun of me. I walked by and they were laughing. After that, I stopped going out on weekends. I started staying home, watching TV, to protect myself and take care of myself and my daughters. 


It was nice for a while, but every now and again I would feel a spark and Google ways to lose weight... 


I'd read about protein powders... about calorie intake...  macro and micro nutrients... 


But everything I read online seemed to contradict the previous article on the same issue. Do I do a 1200 calorie diet? Just chicken rice and veggies?


I just needed an idiot proof way of seeing things laid out for me. I was ready and motivated. I had always been big. It was a part of my entire life. I had neve r asked for help... but I knew I needed a little help getting started. 


I thought I should share this time of my life with you, because you might be going through something similar right now. Even though I don't really talk about it too often. I've always been independent. And it was really hard to admit to myself that I needed help getting started. I ended up losing over 60 pounds shortly after, but I have to say, it all started by taking one small step. 


You've taken a small step already. 


You joined this mailing list. You’re reading this email And that tells me you're ready and motivated to take the next step. 


You want to lose weight... 


You want to look good for yourself and your loved ones... 


And you want to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.  


So I’m extending a special invitation to join us for our next 30-day One Dress Size Challenge.  After seeing the remarkable transformations this program has already had on women just like you... I’m confident this challenge will help you lose weight, get healthy, and live your best life. 


I want YOU in this program.


I’m offering the challenge for a bargain price. 


Y ES! I want to start losing weight TODAY!


You're ready and motivated... you just need the right program to reach your weight loss goals. 


This is the best way to fight the overwhelming feeling inside of you. 


I believe in this program. 


And I believe in you. 


YES! I want to start losing weight


Lots of love

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